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Adventures Of A Would-be Novelist

Rambling, Ranting, And Other Nonsense

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Hi there! I'm Nikki, transplanted from the Atlanta area to Houston, Texas, a Barnes & Noble bookseller, and all-around geek.

I'm a huge fan of Sonic(yes, even recent games and all five cartoons), Artemis Fowl, Ronin Warriors, Watership Down, Danny Phantom, Jeff Smith's Bone, Great Mouse Detective, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Pixar, and to a lesser extent Disgaea, Speed Racer, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts, El Tigre, Corpse Bride, and Lufia. (Actually, I'm just a big animation nerd.) I'm also a roleplayer, both anime/game/comic based and original universes, particularly engelhund's Triworlds, my Ephresia, and basic urban fantasy. I write and draw, normally fandom or RP based, and post at deviantArt and nikkicubwrites.

I'm also a player and a maintainer at knotholecentral, where I play Antoine(antoine_coyote) and Sonic(hedgehoghero).

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