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Adventures Of A Would-be Novelist

Oct. 11th, 2008 04:14 pm The Saga of the Birthday Gift

So. Today, my only day alone in the house, I decided I was going to make Misty's birthday gift using the Copics she(and a few other generous donors)gave me for MY birthday.

I did not count on this being such an epic.

First, I found my big ol' Bristol pad and settled. Then - and here is my mistake - I started thinking.

'Gee,' I thought, 'since I'm using my Copics for the first time, why not also use those graphite sticks I bought but have been a bit too nervous to touch? I'd better grab my kneaded eraser too. It'll tear the paper less.'

So up I got, heading toward the Place of Art Supplies.

None of the stuff was there. Neither, in fact, were any of our five hundred thousand pencil sharpeners.

You see, after the hurricane, some of Grampa's friends came over to stay until their power was restored approximately three hundred years later, and this was their room during this stay. Worse, the Cleaning Ladies had come since I'd last done a Serious Art Project. The Ladies, I should mention, have a strange habit of taking things from where they belong and stowing them in decidedly peculiar places. Since they poke around in things to find items to hide, there was the very real possibility that they had found the kneaded eraser and, I dunno, mistaken it for a very large wad of gum. (This would probably not surprise them, as in spite of [or because of] my notorious fastidiousness at work I am a huge slob at home. I have never left food items, used or otherwise, out, but I'm sure they've found that and worse on their route.)

Anyway. At this point I wasn't too annoyed, partly because I loathe cleaning so much that I would rather have a cleaning lady who believes, deep in her heart, that hairbrushes belong in the phone book cubby than no cleaning lady at all. Still, now that they were missing I REALLY wanted the eraser, the graphite sticks, AND one of the trillion pencil sharpeners lying around. I found the eraser quickly, raising my hopes, but twenty minutes of digging later there was no sign of graphite or sharpeners.

I was getting pissed, prompting the cats' fleeing into Deep Hiding. (I had not taken this out on them, or looked at them, but I guess today's motto is Better Safe Than Sorry. It's a weird-ass motto for a cat, but who am I to judge?) I raged through the house for the better part of an hour, loathe to go out and just buy another four dollar set of graphite and fifty cent sharpener - not because of the money, but because A) this is my first REAL day off in awhile and pants didn't seem too appealing, and B) I knew deep down that as soon as I got home from spending money to replace them, the needed items would be right where I last saw them, having been invisible to that point.

Finally, I sat down to do my sketch with a mechanical pencil - I don't really like it, I like wooden pencils at least, but mechanical pencils don't need to be sharpened during the drawing process and I had no sharpener.

Once the picture was drawn, inked, and colored, I spotted the graphite sticks. They were right where I'd last seen them, having been invisible until this point. Still no sign of any sharpeners, even though our number of sharpeners is roughly equivalent to the national debt. :/

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Oct. 2nd, 2008 09:29 pm Mm, (ice cream)cake.

Just got back from my birthday dinner! My tummy hurts, as it is full of sushi and ice cream. Mmmm.

Anyway! Pretty good birthday! (Have I ever had a bad birthday? I don't think so. I've had ones that are less good, but never bad. And that's good.)

Lots of really cool stuff this year, too. From Misty I got Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, a really awesome Mega Man shirt(:heart:), a Tinkerbell pez dispenser, and... some Copics! I'd wanted to try them out as my NeoPikos wore, and she heard me mention getting some with the money my distant relatives always send, and she went out and got some for me! She also got me the Pixar Short Collection(which I've wanted FOREVER), Enchanted, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. She also made me this great picture!

Anyway - HER birthday comes up pretty soon, so I'm planning a pic (among other things). Anyone else coming up soon?

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Sep. 29th, 2008 05:47 pm Their battle shall rage for all time!

I had an epiphany today, and I really needed to share it.

Are you listening?

Here it is: Kaosu/Ancient One and Arago/Talpa are actually Samurai Jack and Aku.

Think about it!

Aku attacked Japan before the feudal period began, when the Emperor still ruled. Arago initially attacked one thousand years ago... before the feudal period.

Jack's sword was forged by the gods. Kaosu's sword, which became the Shakujo/Ancient's Staff, has holy power and some of his armors are modeled after gods.

Speaking of those gods - how would Kaosu know about gods like Anubis, whom the Darkness armor is patterned after? Simple - when traveling the world in his youth, Jack spent time in Egypt!

Jack's name and true identity are hidden. Kaosu's face and true identity are hidden.

Jack and Kaosu wear the same hat.

Aku has funny prong things on his head and the ability to change shape. Arago has funny prong things on his head and has the ability to change size and break himself into his component parts. (Remember the first time they fought him? With the hands going everywhere and the smashing and the beating people with their own teammates? DUDE, that was an awesome fight. Woo, tangent.)

Aku likes to enslave people. Arago enslaved at least five humans - Kayura and the Warlords.

Aku sometimes seems to like children - remember the storytelling episode? Arago has that potentially disturbing fascination with Kayura.

Jack was shown in one episode as being kinda old when he finally made it back. Kaosu is a whitehaired dude. We don't know if he's old, though, because of the face-hiding.

Jack is a badass to end all badasses, having proven he can defeat Aku in single combat. Kaosu defeated Arago using only his sword. It took the boys ten magic armors(counting Kikoutei/Inferno and the bit of help they got from the Warlords), one magic gem, an eight-year-old, and a drawn-out moment of melodramatically beating on their team leader while being inexplicably naked. (I'm not making this up. Watch the last episode!) Conclusion? Kaosu is a complete badass.

You see? IT IS SO OBVIOUS. Samurai Jack is the prequel no one expected!

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Sep. 13th, 2008 07:44 pm Ye Olde Hurricane Update

Ike struck Houston directly early this morning, complete with floods, shattered windows, and downed trees. Galveston actually took the worst of it, as evidenced in news videos you've probably all seen; downtown Houston took the worst of it in this area. My neighborhood is... surprisingly okay. Both of our large trees are still up. A neighbor's pine fell, but missed all houses and is merely blocking one of the three routes out of the neighborhood. Our back fence is down, and the gate not just off but in pieces, but all in all cats, cars, house, and people are all unharmed. We lost power early this morning(Misty's grandfather claims it was at one thirty, but I clearly remember having power as late as four), and - astoundingly - came back on at noon.

For anyone mutually acquainted with lady_douji, she's fine and left for her parents' house this morning as damage to her neighborhood was greater than damage to ours.

My Barnes & Noble is also undamaged aside from the landscape; I have not yet been contacted about reopening. (There's no power in the center, and even if there where there's hardly a point in opening when the city's under curfew for about half our business day, but you never know what those nutty corporate types will do.) We have friends of Misty's grandfather staying over because they've lost power as well. More news as I've got it!

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Sep. 12th, 2008 11:41 am Windytime!

Man, I kinda wish I had a Touma icon for this. o.o

Anyway, Hurricane Ike! As you've probably noticed, it's heading straight for Houston by all accounts, likely to hit as a Cat-3 storm. We're expecting the first winds in about two or three hours, with landfall late tonight or early tomorrow. We're staying put until further notice, as we do not live in an evacuation zone and the roads must be kept clear for those who DO, but we are expecting some power outage and property damage. Barnes & Noble is also closed for the next two days at least (but hey, I still get paid).

I'll keep ya'll updated as I'm able.

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Sep. 3rd, 2008 01:45 pm I can has dragons?

flyboy_fox directed me to this site. Click on the eggies, please? ^^; It helps them hatch - you don't want them to die, right?

Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

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Sep. 1st, 2008 12:35 pm Pokemon #1-#151 are the ONLY Pokemon.

Okay, after my last grumbly post here're some graphics.Collapse )

On that note - did y'all know there's an I Can Has Cheezburger book coming out in October? O.o

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Sep. 1st, 2008 11:39 am Goddammit, Georgia.

A fourteen-year-old was removed from a football team... because she's a girl. Even better, the kid had played all through middle school. Her team went to finals, and high schools had been clamoring to get her. Kid's been practicing for two months and was told about this and taken off the field while team photos were being taken.

Now. While I'm of the opinion that any kid with a brain in his or her head has better things to do than play football, this kid really wanted to play, has talent, and made the team fair and square. Unfortunately for her, her mother decided to put her in a private school. They play by different rules, and the head of that league slammed on the brakes when he learned a girl had been accepted onto a team. Way to set us back about ten years, buddy.

If this kid had no talent and was just trying to make a statement, I wouldn't care. But there it is, kid's willing to uproot and move to South Georgia with her father to play(since her mother insists on her going to the private school while she lives with her). Kid shouldn't have to uproot, and private schools ARE better. Unfortunately, there really aren't public leagues after middle school age, so it looks like this is where it's going.

In other news, let's all hope Sarah Palin ruins any chances McBush might've had. If they get elected... well, goodbye reproductive rights(and goodbye birth control since conservatives are now trying to label ALL birth control as abortion under the law), goodbye any and all chances of marriage equality, goodbye privacy, and hello legalization of discrimination and, probably, war with Iran and Russia. I'm not saying Obama is good for the country; he's not. But McCain, and Palin if the old boy croaks, would be far, far worse. (Of course, since Palin is young - something they've been trying to smear Obama with - and a woman, well... I don't think her chances are good.)

In the end, I must leave you with a totally unrelated haiku.
What Labor Day means
Is that I don't have to work...
But I still get paid.

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Aug. 23rd, 2008 10:49 am

NerdTests.com says I'm a Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

...um... fear me? ^^;

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Aug. 18th, 2008 06:47 pm Breaking Dawn and Sonic Surveys.

Breaking Dawn ReactionCollapse )

Anyway, yeah. The books are terrible, trashy crap. They're the McDonald's of the bookstore, and I'm happy to never have to spend a penny on 'em. But they make me laugh through their sheer badness, and isn't having fun the point? Bring on the lulz, Stephenie. Bring on the lulz. (Also? If any girls are transformed into Mindless Man-serving Babybots merely by reading these books, then these girls were twits anyway and likely well on their way. Meyer will not turn girls into drones if these girls have a brain in their skull.)

Anyway, here's a Sonic Meme taken from flyboy_fox.

Survey Tiem!Collapse )

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